Our dentist will use provisional restorations to keep your smile intact and serve as a temporary replacement for your tooth while you wait for your permanent restoration, such as crowns, bridges or implants. We do not think anyone should have to go any time without a complete, healthy smile.

Provisional restorations let patients become comfortable and test out the look and feel of the final permanent restoration. This also allows our team to check for any necessary changes that should be made before the final fitting. Our temporary restorations function just as well as your natural smile. We use quality acrylic resin to create the restoration for a natural look that is aesthetically appealing and fits seamlessly into your smile.

The provisional restoration also preserves space for the final restoration by preventing tooth movement while you wait. It also protects the health and natural state of your bone and gums so nothing shifts before the final restoration is placed. With your provisional restoration, you can eat, speak and smile as you usually would with your natural smile.

If you have any questions about provisional restorations in Sacramento, California, or would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Michael Green, please call our office today at (916) 483-7354!